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ith offices in 16 countries and over 4,000 employees worldwide, Sunstar offers products and services in over 90 countries. With Japanese roots and headquarter in Switzerland, Consumer Healthcare, Industrial and Chemical Products and Engineering are the cornerstones of our business.
The activities of Sunstar in the two-wheeled vehicle industry go back to the year 1932, when the company started producing adhesives for the repair of bicycle tubes.


igh performance sprocket wheels and disk brake systems, under the brand Braking, are used worldwide by leading motorcycle manufacturers. Since 2003, the company has produced Pedelecs for the Japanese market.
In Europe, Sunstar has concentrated on the development, production and sale of universal bottom bracket motors and fitting accessories, under the brand name Intelligent Bike (iBike), since 2012.

Expanding business in 4 distinct sectors

& Body
Research-based oral care products for better health
& Beauty
Innovative products based on the latest progressive research
Healthy Living Environment
Advanced products for a healthier living environment
Safety Support & High Technology
Specialized products for industrial and motorcycle applications

& Development

Innovative R&D to improve lives and grow our business

Innovating isn't just
about the big idea

It's also about the little details

Collaborating is everywhere
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Sharing enables us to help everyone achieve a better quality of life.

Sunstar’s Seventy Year Journey in the Bicycle and Motorcycle Industry

Sunstar’s Seventy Year Journey in the Bicycle and Motorcycle Industry

Sunstar ’s early years

Sunstar enters the bicycle parts business in 1932 with a breakthrough innovation: rubber cement in a portable metal tube for tire repairs on the go! Needless to say, we quickly become the market leader. In 1954 the focus on bicycles expands by starting the production of gear cranks.

1932: Rubber cement for bicycle tire tubes is developed.

Sunstar enters new business areas

Following success in the bicycle sprocket business, we broaden our horizons and excel in the production of motorcycle sprockets.

1968: Sunstar introduces another first: Salt Toothpaste.

Sunstar experiences rapid growth

In 1972 we focus on high performance, high quality motorcycle sprockets and parts as a core business and our reputation and success surge with a major order from Harley-Davidson.

1972: Lark luggage is launched.

Sunstar expands globally

Set up of production and sales facilities for motorcycle parts in Thailand and the USA.

1988: Based on ideas of Sunstar’s Holistic Health Center, KENKODOJO products go on sale.

Sunstar expands business in Asia and implements environmental management

Singapore becomes our manufacturing control centre for Southeast Asia and in 1995 we establish Sunstar Engineering Indonesia to produce motorcycle components.

1990s: Underfill mat for semi-conductors gains sucess.

2000 to Present
To amplify growth & development, Sunstar establishes its headquarters in Switzerland

Alongside with establishing our Global Headquarters in Switzerland, we develop the intelligent Bike (iBike) project, an advanced electric power assistance system to be applied on a common bicycle, thus turning it into a true Pedelec – Pedal Electric Cycle.

2002: An electric power assistance system for bicycles is developed.