One of the lightest E-Bike Mid-Motor suitable for any kind of frame and material

Proven quality,
for every application

Sunstar S03+ mid-motor has been used since 2003 on City E-Bikes, Mountain E-Bikes, Recumbents, Cargo E-Bikes and even special E-Bikes such as the Hand-Mountain used by Felix Brunner to cross the Alps.

quiet, balanced, powerful

Weighing only 3.2 kg and with 44 Nm torque, Sunstar S03+ E-Bike Mid-Motor sets new standards. Choose between our 24v or 36v systems and combine batteries for greater range and flexibility.

for new designs or retrofitting

Whether for a new design or for retrofitting, Sunstar S03+ mid-motor is the perfect solution. Ideal for limited model ranges, small quantities or single installations, it easily integrates onto most existing bicycles.