One of the lightest E-Bike Mid-Motor suitable for any kind of frame and material

Important Notice

Sunstar is not selling this products any longer.

We regret to announce that our company has decided to discontinue the sale of “i-Bike” …

Proven quality,
for every application

Sunstar S03+ mid-motor has been used since 2003 on City E-Bikes, Mountain E-Bikes, Recumbents, Cargo E-Bikes and even special E-Bikes such as the Hand-Mountain used by Felix Brunner to cross the Alps.

quiet, balanced, powerful

Weighing only 3.2 kg and with 44 Nm torque, Sunstar S03+ E-Bike Mid-Motor sets new standards. Choose between our 24v or 36v systems and combine batteries for greater range and flexibility.

for new designs or retrofitting

Whether for a new design or for retrofitting, Sunstar S03+ mid-motor is the perfect solution. Ideal for limited model ranges, small quantities or single installations, it easily integrates onto most existing bicycles.